Birds Fly South

Who? What?

Birds Fly South is a high-energy folk duo based in Athens, Georgia. Specifically, we are Luke Rushing (guitar, vocals, songwriting) and Chris Gustin (violin). We started in June 2017 and things have just been snowballing ever since.


We're two friends who love playing music and sharing it with others. Come check out one of our shows, we'd love to have you!

When? Where?

We're currently booking shows for Summer/Fall 2018. Need a band for your event? Drop us a line!

How do I listen to your stuff?

We are currently hard at work turning our music into recordings. Drop us a like on Facebook ( and we'll be happy to keep you in the loop.

Who made that drawing up top?

Custom bird art is courtesy of Luke Rushing, who does more than just play guitar and sing as it turns out.